How To FIX Casting Hands (Baseball Hitting Drill)

Baseball Hitting Mechanics How to Fix Casting

In this article, I explain how to fix casting hands in a baseball swing. Also, learn a simple baseball drill to help with your baseball swing mechanics.

In fact, casting is one of the most common hitting mistakes I see in younger baseball and softball players.
Even if you don’t need to fix casting hands in your swing, the baseball hitting drill in this article will improve your swing.
Before we get to the baseball drill video at the bottom of this article, I explain the causes and consequences of casting.

Players, coaches, and parents ask for my advice regarding softball and baseball equipment.
As a result, I compiled a list of the baseball, softball, and coach’s equipment I recommend.

Baseball Hitting Drill Video

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Baseball Casting

So, what does it mean to ‘cast’ in a baseball or softball swing?
The term ‘casting’ is often used in fishing.

It is the act of throwing bait or a lure using a fishing line out over the water using a flexible fishing rod.

While casting improves the chances of catching a fish, it causes serious problems in a baseball swing.

Casting Hands Causes and Consequences

Baseball casting is caused from a variety of improper baseball swing mechanics.

As I stated earlier, the consequences of casting hands in a baseball swing are disastrous.

What are the Causes?

  • Early arm extension (barring out) and spinning back heel.
  • Unloading grip too early.
  • Rotating too soon.
  • Early wrist release.
  • Outside-In swing rather than inside-out.
  • Throwing right shoulder towards the plate.

The picture below illustrates a common cause of casting, which is when the elbow is outside of the hands.

baseball hitting casting elbow outside of hands
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Ultimately, each of the causes can be contributed to improper sequencing.

What are the Consequences?

Casting hands in a baseball swing prevents hitters from staying inside the ball.

The barrel gets outside of the hands.

In turn, hitters cannot hit to the opposite field.

If a hitter manages to get lucky and make contact with a casting swing, they often hook the ball.

A casting swing is long and rotational.

As a result, hitters who cast their hands find it difficult to hit a stiff fastball on the inside portion of the plate.

Keep reading to learn how to fix casting hands and improve your baseball swing mechanics.

Slow It Down to Speed It Up

In order to fix casting hands as well as the most common hitting ailments, hitters must isolate key movements of the swing.

More specifically, the hitter must isolate the part of the swing that needs correction in order to correct it.

This allows players to program their mind and muscle memory through repetition.

My foundational hitting system is an unconventional and revolutionary physical and mental approach to training that requires the hitter to isolate and execute swing movements with rhythm, control and continuity.

This allows the hitter to slow it down and get it right. It decreases stress, and creates a flow that fosters better timing, better synchronization, and gives the necessary amount of muscle memory training. 

We are going to slow it down to speed it up.

How To Fix Casting Hands

The best way to fix casting in a baseball swing is to create and/or increase bat lag.

As the hitter’s hands move into the zone during the swing, the bat ‘lags’ behind.

The picture below is an exaggeration of the proper hand and elbow position.
The hands should be outside of the elbow to fix casting hands.

how to fix casting hands baseball hitting drill
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Baseball Hitting Drill to Stop Casting Hands

I recommend my heavy bag saw drill to increase bat lag and fix casting hands in a baseball swing.

This drill is part of my heavy bag training series.
Keep in mind, you don’t need a heavy bag to do this drill as this drill can be done using a fence, pole, or any other obstruction.


In conclusion, I hope this simple baseball hitting drill helps you fix casting hands in your baseball swing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my hands from casting in baseball?

In order to stop casting your hands in baseball, you must create and/or increase bat lag. A great way to create lag is to perform a baseball hitting drill which forces your elbow to stay inside of your hands.

how to fix casting hands baseball hitting drill
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How do you stop arm barring in baseball swing?

The best way to stop arm barring during your baseball swing is to stay inside the ball. A great baseball hitting drill which addresses this issue is to stand an arm length away from a wall and swing without hitting the wall.

baseball hitting movement isolation heavy bag
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How do you get out of a hitting slump in baseball?

To get out of a baseball hitting slump, I recommend the hitter to isolate and execute swing movements with rhythm, control and continuity.

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