Hemo Hitting Foundation Course

The Hemo Hitting foundation teaches players a hitting philosophy developed by MLB veteran, Scott Hemond.

My online hitting courses help players of all ages and skill levels! 

I teach an unconventional & revolutionary physical and mental approach to hitting.

Learn how to disassemble and isolate the swing into key components to be worked on individually.
Then, assemble the swing with rhythm, control, and continuity.

I designed my hitting system to decreases stress, increases muscle memory, and increase the feel to foster better timing and synchronization.


By the end of this course, you will learn the foundational skills of a unique hitting philosophy to take back control.

Course Curriculum

My comprehensive hitting course provides you with a hitting foundation to build upon. 

It teaches you to analyze your own swing with simple checklists to make corrections.

  • Welcome
    • Hitting Assessment
    • Course Overview
    • Important Advice for Success
  • Importance of the Head
  • Drill Progression 1 (The Foundation)
    • Intro to Bag Drills
    • Hip Movement and Control
    • Leg Swing Drills
    • Handgun Drill
    • Download: Practice Routine 1
  • Drill Progression 2 (Learn to Walk)
    • Hand Around Bag Drill
    • 2 Hand Drill
    • Punching Drill
    • Lag Drill
    • Adding Barriers
    • Download: Practice Routine 2
  • Drill Progression 3 (Learn to Run)
    • Alligator Arm Drill
    • Saw Drill
    • Backside Forward
    • Chin
    • All About the Shoulders
    • Download: Practice Routine 3
  • Bringing It All Together
    • Weekly Practice Routine
    • Troubleshooting Your Swing
    • The Transformation
  • Bonus Tips
    • Bat Grip
    • How to Tape a Bat
    • Effective Use of Bat Weights

Importance of the Head

If I had to choose to do 1 thing correct to give me a real chance to be successful at the plate, the head is it.
If your head is really good, it’s impossible for everything else to be bad.

common hitting mistake - walt hriniak

Walt Hriniak

Walt Hriniak, former MLB player and Hitting Coach, always said to me, “You got one bullet in your gun, kid.  When you got no rhythm and you got no timing, you got one bullet in your gun. You better be great with your head.”

When you are lost and lonely at the plate, your head will get you through.

When Mr. Nasty is up there throwing darts, your head will get you through.

Scott Hemond Homerun versus Randy Johnson

In this course, I give you the tools to stop ‘hoping’ and take control of your game.
The foundation of my hitting system involves using a barrier (heavy bag) to:

  • Isolate key movements.
  • Restrict improper movements.
  • Enforce proper movement through drills and repetition.

I listed a few of the heavy bag benefits below.


Scott Hemond Baseball Heavy Bag Benefits
Scott Hemond Baseball Heavy Bag Benefits

VIDEO: Most Common Hitting Ailments

This hitting foundational course provides solutions to the 10 things hitters do wrong and much much more..

Most hitters are too focused on outcome and the result. Learn to "Take Care of the Little Things, The Big Things Take Care of Themselves."

These 10 common hitting mistakes negatively impact hitters of all skill levels.
Most importantly, my revolutionary hitting system helps solve each one of these hitting ailments.

keep 2 hands on the bat baseball swing


I’ve worked with many different hitting instructors but working with Scott Hemond has been transformative to say the least! His system is easy to follow, very informative, and yields results almost immediately! He provides real time feedback that works wonders! Where else can you get instruction and correspondence with a pro player and hitting coach! Look forward to continued success and can’t wait to implement his techniques in the future! Thank you sir!!

Sofia Bourmas

SHB Client

"He's the best catcher I've seen in college baseball."

Coach Mike Martin

Former Head Baseball Coach, Florida State University

"Having been in baseball all my life (including 30 years coaching in college), Scott Hemond is the best catcher I have ever seen play and had the opportunity to coach...now he is a Coach. As Coaches, we are teachers and Scott has the innate ability to teach and instruct.  Baseball has 3 phases (offense, defense, and baserunning), all of which Scott did extraordinarily well as a player.  What is more important is that he has a "feel" for all 3 phases.  I would trust my own kids to have Scott Hemond teach them the game of baseball!"

Coach Eddie Cardieri

Former Head Baseball Coach, University of South Florida

“My experiences with Scott were fantastic! His knowledge and enthusiasm for the game made it fun, yet very informative. He pays close attention to the details, while breaking them down step-by-step. I would recommend him strongly to any baseball player looking to improve their game.”

Coach Les Miles

Former Head Football Coach, LSU

"One of the best prospects in the Oakland system is Scott Hemond. He was an All-America catcher at the University of South Florida and has an arm that has been likened to Santiago's and Alomar's."

Tim McCarver

Former MLB Catcher, Cardinals Hall of Famer, Hall of Fame Broadcaster

"Hemo has been helping me with my game now for many years. In that time, I have learned so much about the game. I don’t know where I would be today without Scott. The energy and passion for the game that he brings to the table everyday, along with his professional  experience, makes him one of the best instructors available. Anyone wanting to elevate their game should attend the Scott Hemond School of Baseball." 

Drew Williamson

OF, 1B, University of Alabama

“Hemo has helped me with baseball since I was 12 years old. Every off-season I look forward to working/coaching with him and stepping up my game both mentally and physically. His positive energy and passion for the game along with this big league knowledge makes him one of the best instructors/coaches you can get.”

Austin Wood

MLB Pitcher, Anaheim Angels

“The Scott Hemond School of Baseball has been training me since I was 11 years old. I’m now 17 years old and I’m committed to playing baseball at Daytona State College. The instruction I have received from the SHSB has shaped me in every aspect of the game and has not only made me a better player, but a better person. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the Scott Hemond School of Baseball.”

David Maberry

OF, 1B, University of North Florida

"Scott Hemond is a special coach. SHSB is a special place to develop your skills and learn about the game of baseball. Not only do you get better at the game, your baseball IQ goes up when attending the Scott Hemond School of Baseball. I am the 15th ranked outfielder in country. I would not be where I am without Scotty H, the knowledge I’ve gained, and people I’ve gotten to associate myself with at the SHSB!”

Brandon Schrepf

RHP, University of South Florida

Scott Hemond Baseball Hitting Instructor

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