6 Proven Baseball Tryout Tips

Scott Hemond 7 Proven Tryout Tips

In this article, I’m laying down the law with 6 proven baseball tryout tips to help you get noticed and make the team.

Alright, listen up, rookies!
You’re here to impress, not to play on Tik-Tok or Snapchat.

I’ve seen my fair share of tryouts, and I’m gonna give you the lowdown on the six hard-hitting tips that’ll make you stand out like a sore thumb in a sea of wannabes.
Lace’em up, ’cause I’m diving straight into the meat of it – no fluff, no excuses.

1 – Rating System
2 – Make a Good 1st Impression
3 – Attitude
4 – Coachable
5 – Preparation
6 – Proper Attire

1 – The Player Rating System

Let me start by lending my experience as a coach to tell you about what the coach is looking for.

As a coach, we need a rating system to separate players.  
So almost all coaches will have some type of “score card” to record your abilities at the tryout.  

This score card usually contains measurable information about these 5 comprehensive tools of baseball and softball.  
It’s hard to argue with numbers during an assessment.  

The 5 tools a coach will be looking for include:

  • Arm strength 
  • Glove strength
  • Swing assessment 
  • Batting Power
  • Speed

1 – Rating System

Coaches ain’t throwing darts blindfolded; we’ve got a system, and it’s time you cracked the damn code.

Arm strength, glove skills, swing mechanics, power, and speed – these ain’t just words; they’re the metrics that’ll make or break you.

Don’t show up like a deer in headlights.
Know your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and leave ’em no choice but to notice.

Remember, speed never goes out of style!

2 – Make a Good 1st Impression

Look Alive, Act Alive!
The moment you step on that field, you’re making an impression.

Don’t shuffle around like you’re headed to a funeral.
Walk like you own the place or like you don’t give a damn who does.

Good posture, eye contact, and energy – these are free and will get you noticed.
Show ’em you showed up to play baseball like it was meant to be played.

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3 – Attitude

Applying pressure or squeezing something reveals what’s on the inside.

For example:
Squeeze an orange, you get orange juice.
Squeeze an apple, you get apple juice.
What are you made of?

How do you behave when everything goes south?
Do you blame others when you fail?
Or, do you admit your mistakes, learn from them, and quickly move on?

As a coach, I want to see how you carry yourself when you fail.
Anyone can have a great attitude after raking one over the CF wall.

Coaches ain’t running a daycare; they are building a team of winners.

Your attitude is the game-changer.
Stay positive, stay hungry, support your teammates, and show coaches you’ve got the mental toughness to handle the heat.

Complainers and crybabies need not apply.
It’s a tough game; show ’em you’re tougher.

4 – Coachable

Shut Up, Listen Up, Step Up

You’re not here ’cause you know it all; you’re here ’cause you want to learn.

Be coachable – take criticism on the chin, own your mistakes, make those adjustments, and show the coaches you’re not a liability to their team; you’re an investment.
Don’t argue, don’t yap, don’t gossip – just listen, learn, and execute.

5 – Preparation

No One Cares, Work Harder

The game is won before you step on the field, kid.

Champions are made in the dirt, not in the limelight.
Put in the damn work – refine those skills, get in peak shape, and know the game inside out.
I don’t want to see you gasping for air; I want to see you owning that field like you were born for it.

6 – Proper Attire

Dress Like You Mean Business

We’re not at a fashion show; we’re playing baseball.
Take off the arm sleeves, the wristbands, and the other useless stuff that provides no value whatsoever.

Wear the damn uniform with pride.
Tuck it in, wear the cap straight, and show the coaches respect the game.
It ain’t about looking pretty; it’s about looking like you belong.

Proper attire tells me you’re serious, and serious is what we’re looking for.


There you have it – the no-nonsense guide to owning those tryouts with my 6 proven baseball tryout tips.
Know the ratings, make a first impression, carry an attitude that screams winner, be coachable, prepare like your life depends on it.

And, for the love of the game, dress like you’re here to play, not to play dress-up.

Now, get out there and make me proud.
It’s time to show ’em what you’re made of!

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