Baseball Mental Toughness: Overcome Negative Self Talk

baseball mental toughness

In this article, I show you an easy way to overcome negative thoughts and the importance of baseball mental toughness.

Mental Aspect of Baseball

If you play baseball or softball, you likely heard the phrase: Baseball is 90 percent mental.
Coaches, trainers, and players use this phrase very often when they talk about baseball or softball success.
If baseball is 90 percent mental, coaches should at least dedicate a small percentage of their time to improving the mental aspect of baseball.
However, most coaches don’t incorporate baseball mental training in their practices.
They simply mention the importance of the mental game of baseball and immediately proceed to hit 10,000 ground balls.
Consequently, the importance and truth of this phrase gets watered down.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a vital aspect of baseball mental training.
So, what does it mean to be mentally tough in baseball?
In my opinion, a mentally tough ball player is:

  • a confident competitor regardless of past performances.
  • a person who learns from failure.

Essentially, baseball is a game of failure.
As a result, ball players who fail to deal with failure do not last very long.

Overcome Negative Thoughts

It may seem impossible to avoid negative self talk after committing an error in the field or striking out with the bases loaded.
However, I show you a mental tip to overcome negative thoughts with body language and increase your baseball mental toughness.

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