Prevent a Hitting Slump with a Checklist

Prevent a Hitting Slump

In this article, I show you the best way to prevent a hitting slump with a quick checklist.

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How to Prevent a Hitting Slump

All baseball and softball players will get into a hitting slump.
In fact, most hitters get into hitting slumps multiple times in a single season.
What if there was an easy way to prevent a hitting slump with a simple checklist?

One of my students, Korey Betts, shares the things he checks to prevent a hitting slump.

Hitting Checklist Example

Every hitter should have a checklist containing a list of important things relevant to their swing.
Basically, hitters refer to this checklist when they feel lost and lonely at the plate.
The hitting checklist keeps their hitting fundamentals intact and prevents the instant idiot from kicking in.

Back Shoulder Access

When Korey starts hitting poorly, the first thing on his checklist is back shoulder access.
He checks to make sure his back shoulder stays inside the ball, which prevents him from rotating.
Also, he visualizes hitting the ball the other way to help him keep his back shoulder inside the ball.

prevent a hitting slump
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Front Leg Down

The second item on Korey’s checklist is his front leg.
As Korey explains in the video, his front leg has to get down to keep a strong front side.
If not, he will rotate and spin out.

checklist to prevent a hitting slump
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Proper Head Position

Head position and keeping the head down is vital to baseball and softball hitting.
Obviously, I was happy to see this as a checklist item for Korey.

In order to keep his head in the correct position during his swing, Korey visualizes a weight above his head with a string attached to the top of his head.
This swing thought helps him keep his head back rather than diving forward.

checklist to prevent a hitting slump
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In addition, Korey also visualizes a box around his head and tries to keep his head in the imaginary box.

prevent a hitting slump
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Maintaining swing health, constantly checklisting, and keeping a baseball journal help prevent a hitting slump from infecting your swing.

Also, I cover the importance of keeping a baseball journal with a checklist and much more in my hitting course in great detail.

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