Simple Hitting Approach – Have a Plan

simple hitting approach have a plan

In this video, I show you a simple hitting approach to improve your chances at success.

As hitters enter advanced stages of their baseball or softball career, they will consistently face quality pitching and need to have a plan to put the odds in their favor.

Have a Plan During Batting Practice

The best way for young players to begin using a hitting approach is to have a plan in batting practice.

For example, the hitter’s approach before batting practice can be to not swing at outside pitches with 2 strikes or less.
The reason for this could be the player is struggling with outside pitches at the current time.
Until the player has adequate time to address this issue, they prefer to hit pitches in the middle or inside part of the plate.

By using this simple hitting approach in practice, the player is more likely to recognize the ideal pitch to hit and not swing at pitches outside of their comfort zone in a favorable count.
As a result, the player’s chances at success increase.

Players, coaches, and parents ask for my advice regarding softball and baseball equipment.
As a result, I compiled a list of the baseball, softball, and coach’s equipment I recommend.

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