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Samantha Roe Interview – Top College Softball Prospect

Samantha Roe Softball Interview

In this video, I interviewed Samantha Roe – the top college softball prospect in the country for Class 2022.

Samantha Roe Interview

In this interview, Samantha shares many valuable softball tips to help players of all ages.
Samantha shares her hitting mindset, pregame routine, and offseason training tips.
In addition, learn about her unique strategy to get out of a hitting slump and much much more.

Samantha Roe – Top College Softball Prospect in 2022

Samantha Roe, a University of Florida softball commit, is currently a Junior softball player at Niceville High School in Niceville, Florida.
She committed to play softball at the University of Florida the summer before her 8th grade year at 13 years old.
For the second consecutive year, Sam Roe was voted the top softball player Class 2022 in the country by Extra Inning Softball.

No Pressure

Committing to play college softball at this age could put unnecessary pressure on young players.
However, this motivated Samantha Roe to work harder and continue to excel in the sport she loves so much.
Her continued success comes as no surprise to me.
Obviously, Samantha Roe works and trains very hard.
She pushes herself each and every day to be the best version of herself – on and off the field.
Her dedication and hard work combined with a great attitude and massive amounts of talent are the ingredients for a superstar.


Most importantly, I want to sincerely thank Samantha for sitting down with me for this interview.
In addition, I am truly grateful to continue to help her on her softball journey.

Also, follow Samantha Roe on Twitter and Instagram.

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